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Characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of electrodeless light source

The characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of the electrodeless light source:
Features of the electrodeless source:
1. There is no filament and no electricity level in the bulb, and the service life of the product is over 60,000 hours.
2, high luminous efficiency, high-frequency electrodeless lamp 70lm / w, low-frequency electrodeless lamp 75lm / w.
3, the color rendering index of more than 80, using three primary color phosphors, the color is not distorted.
4, wide voltage operation, the voltage can work normally at 185V-255V.
5. The high frequency operating frequency is 2.65MHz, and the low frequency working frequency is 230Hz. There is no stroboscopic effect.
6, the light decay is small, the luminous flux maintenance rate can reach 80% after 20,000 hours
7. Instant start and restart time are less than 0.5 seconds.
8, the starting temperature is low, adapt to the temperature range, minus 25 degrees, can start and work normally.
9, the power factor can be as high as 0.95 or more.
10, safety and reliability, green and environmental protection, truly maintenance-free, free replacement.
Advantages and disadvantages of the electrodeless source:
1. The high-frequency induction lamp has a small volume, and the shape of the bulb changes a lot. It can be equipped with many lamps. The old lamps can be used with a little modification. The light efficiency is higher under the same power. The bulb uses nano-scale aluminum oxide coating to reject electromagnetic radiation. However, the shortcomings of high-frequency electrodeless lamps are also obvious. The heat dissipation is not good, resulting in low power. In order to achieve stable quality, the average manufacturer only achieves 200W.
2, low-frequency electrodeless lamp power can be made large, high-power low-frequency electrodeless lamp is the existence of other commonly used conventional lighting, the coupler external, the tube is large, so the heat dissipation effect is also very good. However, due to the large size, there are very few configurable lamps and some lumen loss. In addition, the external coupler causes a small amount of electromagnetic leakage.
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