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Won the title of the preferred brand in the transformer reactor industry
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Still worried about not finding a suitable transformer?
Haike will provide you with technical intelligence products
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High-performance inspection equipment, professional R & D team
Choose Haike's 4 major advantages
Professional manufacturer

Scientific research, design, manufacture and sale of dry-type transformers, reactors, voltage regulators and specialties Transformer as a professional manufacturer

With a standard modern production line, a variety of high-performance comprehensive inspection equipment, Brought together a group of high-quality R & D team and technical elite

Good quality, many models

The company's main products include special transformers, reactors, voltage regulators, voltage regulators and UV leakage magnetic five series

In 2017, the company's product voltage regulator, UV power supply, transformer, voltage regulator, LED light module, reactor and other products obtained utility model patent certificate.

Multiple certificates

We have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, product after-sales service certification, high-tech enterprise certificate, the product has passed the CE European Union international authority safety certification

company establishment in 2011 → 2012 through dry Transformer test → 2013 CE certification → 2014 quality management system certification → 2016 from Yanchuan to move to a new factory building in 2017 to obtain a good integrity enterprise, won the transformer reactor industry brand title, company products Or practical patent certificate → 2018 to obtain the 16th anniversary of Integrity Pass witness members→ Won the Lixin Enterprise in 2019 → Won the Chengxin Tong Quality Supplier and Lixin Enterprise in 2020 → Won the Lixin Enterprise in 2021 → won the high-tech enterprise and commodity after-sales service certification in 2022 → won the excellent energy storage enterprise and Lixin Enterprise in 2023

Perfect service system

Providing complete products and excellent services for new and old customers at home and abroad, and being praised by well-known enterprises such as Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances, BYD, Huawei, Foxconn

Service Hotline: 86-755-27133533


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