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What is the role of Shenzhen reactor?

What is the role of Shenzhen reactors:
The series reactors and shunt reactors commonly used in Shenzhen reactors and series reactors used in power systems. Series reactors are mainly used to limit the short-circuit current, and are also used in series or in parallel with capacitors in the filter to limit higher harmonics in the grid. The reactors in the 220kV, 110kV, 35kV, and 10kV power grids are used to absorb the capacitive capacitive reactive power of the cable lines. The operating voltage can be adjusted by adjusting the number of shunt reactors. The high-voltage shunt reactor has various functions for improving the operating status of the reactive power of the power system, including:
(1) The capacitive effect on lightly loaded or lightly loaded lines to reduce the power frequency transient overvoltage.
(2) Improve the voltage distribution on long-distance transmission lines.
(3) Make the reactive power in the line at the light load as balanced as possible, prevent the irrational flow of reactive power, and also reduce the power loss on the line.
(4) Reduce the power frequency steady-state voltage of the high-voltage busbar when the large unit and the system are juxtaposed, so that the generators can be juxtaposed at the same time.
(5) Prevent self-excitation resonance phenomenon that may occur in generators with long lines.
(6) When the neutral point of the reactor is used to pass the small reactance grounding device, the small reactor can also be used to compensate the phase and phase capacitance of the line to accelerate the automatic extinguishing of the submersible current, which is convenient to adopt.
The wiring of Shenzhen reactor is divided into two ways: series and parallel. Series reactors usually function as current limiting, and shunt reactors are often used for reactive power compensation.
1. Half-core dry shunt reactor: In the high-voltage long-distance transmission system, it is connected to the tertiary coil of the transformer. It is used to compensate the capacitive charging current of the line, limit the system voltage rise and operate the over voltage, and ensure the reliable operation of the line.
2. Half-core dry series reactor: Installed in the capacitor circuit, starting when the capacitor circuit is put into operation.
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