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Intelligent contactless regulator

Product description
The intelligent non-contact regulator is a new generation of fast voltage regulator equipment, and has many unique technologies in China. It adopts the latest DSP computing metering chip control technology, fast AC sampling technology, RMS correction technology, current zero-crossing switching technology and fast compensation voltage regulation technology, combining intelligent instrumentation, fast voltage regulation and fault diagnosis to make products safe and efficient. Precision.

Product advantages
1 Intelligent instrument display: digital display system (display voltage, current), clear, accurate, high resolution, membrane button operation, safe and reliable.
2 High-speed response: When the input voltage fluctuates greatly and fluctuates frequently, since the voltage regulation speed is 20 milliseconds, as long as the voltage regulator's voltage regulation range is wide enough, the output voltage can always be maintained at the user's set voltage regulation value. No impact on voltage changes will occur on any production equipment and instruments. There is no overvoltage or undervoltage bypass phenomenon, so there is no need to automatically return to the regulated state after the voltage is normal.
3 When the voltage regulator is turned on, it does not do the compensation function. How much voltage is input, the output is also the same voltage. It is necessary to detect the output voltage value 1 second after the power is turned on before the corresponding compensation voltage is adjusted, so that the output voltage at the time of starting will not occur. Excessive or too low a phenomenon of burning electrical equipment.
4 Strong overload capability: It can be used continuously under 100% rated load conditions, and can withstand 10 times of current for 10 milliseconds and 3 times of current for 1 minute without damaging the unit.
5 No distortion: Using current zero-crossing switching technology, there is no current interruption during the switching process, no inrush current is generated, and the waveform is not distorted. The isolation transformer used in the contactless regulator is an isolation compensation transformer, that is, the main circuit is isolated from the compensation circuit. The advantage of this circuit is that when the thyristor of the compensation circuit switches the voltage position at the current zero crossing point, the voltage and current waveform of the main circuit will not cause spikes and current interruption. It is a standard sine wave.
6 Three-phase regulation: Each phase voltage is independently regulated, and does not affect each other. The voltage regulation accuracy is +-1%. And each phase can be set separately according to the load needs. If the output voltage value of each phase is set to be the same, the three-phase output voltage unbalance is less than 1%.
7 High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency of more than 99%, small size, convenient transportation, not much place when placed.
8 Safe and reliable: It has the functions of overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, short circuit, overheat protection, lightning protection and fault diagnosis, which can protect the load in 5 seconds. Customers can purchase and use our products with confidence.
9 Preset function is strong: output voltage value, protection limit value, voltage regulation accuracy, voltage regulation speed can be set arbitrarily.
10 Bypass function, easy to maintain: It can be switched between “regulation” and “bypass direct power supply”, which is convenient for faulty maintenance.
11 Strong anti-interference ability, control circuit board power supply, sampling, all have high-middle and low-frequency filter circuits, control thyristor drive circuit is also isolated with optocoupler output, can resist pulse interference signals above 2000V. If the grid voltage waveform has spikes and interference signals, it can be handled with ease.
12 The voltage of the regulator is sampled by the digital AD chip. If the input voltage waveform is true, the calculated voltage value is a valid value and will not affect the output voltage change.

Technical Parameters
Model PLA HK-30010 HK-30015 HK-30020 HK-30030 HK-30045 HK-30060 HK-30075 HK-30100 HK-30125
Capacity KVA 10 15 20 30 45 60 75 100 125
Voltage X2:3Φ3W 220V X3:3Φ3W 380V Y2:I/P:3Φ3W380V O/P:3Φ3W220V(Regulated power supply voltage change)
50 or 60Hz
Input range
±15%(Special order)
Output range
±1~10% Adjustable
Voltage regulation accuracy
No distortion in the waveform (same as the input waveform)
Abnormal protection
When the voltage is too high, too low, under phase, reverse phase, over temperature, overload, it will automatically jump off, comprehensive protection
Panel meter
LED type digital output voltmeter, output current meter, abnormal status indicator, output start/cut button
Bypass system
Online bypass
Cooling method
Dry air cooling
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