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Tunnel dedicated booster

Product description
The tunnel-specific booster quickly solves the problem of low construction voltage in the tunnel. The special booster for tunnel construction is composed of voltage regulating transformer TS (including fuel tank, stator, rotor top cover, transmission control motor M, handwheel mechanism). The rotary voltage regulation is realized by the teletype motor or the hand wheel mechanism and the gear coupling. The rotation range is within 180°, and the electrical limit and the mechanical limit are arranged at the upper end of the fuel tank. The electrical limit is cut off by the travel switch, and the mechanical power is cut off. The limit is blocked by a protective bolt to limit its rotation. The stator winding and the rotor winding are fixed by the bottom seat and placed in the oil tank. The tank is equipped with 10# transformer oil. When the load generates heat, it is heated by the oil immersion cooling method.

The tunnel-specific booster is mainly suitable for AC 50-60Hz. It is an ideal power supply for solving the problem that the power supply line is far away, the terminal voltage is too low, and the voltage fluctuation range is large, which makes the power equipment unable to start and operate normally. device. The product adopts the main body and the control system complement each other, with full-automatic pressure compensation, no contact adjustment, no instantaneous pressure loss, fast voltage regulation, wide voltage regulation range (three-phase input 220V-450V), strong overload capability, maintenance-free Features. It is convenient to use, safe and reliable; it greatly improves the continuous stability of power voltage regulation, and can be widely used in mining enterprises and tunnel construction units in remote mountainous areas (transport pumps, shotcrete machines, air compressors, blowers, ball mills, crushers. The hoisting machine, pump, and other high-current starting electromechanical click-to-document links have been well received by users such as mining companies and tunnel construction units since they were introduced to the market.

Technical Parameters
Model RLS HK-30200 HK-30250 HK-30300 HK-30400 HK-30500 HK-30600 HK-30800 HK-31000 HK-31250 HK-31500 HK-31750 HK-32000 HK-32500
Capacity KVA 200 250 300 400 500 600 800 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000 2500
Voltage X2:3Φ3W220V(Input and output voltage are the same)
X3: 3Φ3W380V(Input and output voltage are the same)
E: stands for special specifications
Frequency 50 or 60Hz
Input range ±15%(Special order)
Output range ±1~10%
Voltage regulation accuracy ±1%
Effectiveness ≥98% the above
Waveform No distortion in the waveform (same as the input waveform)
Abnormal warning Automatic alarm when the voltage is too high, too low, low phase, reverse phase, over temperature, motor tripping
Panel meter LED type digital input voltmeter, output voltmeter, output ammeter, abnormal indicator, power indicator, output voltage trimming device
Cooling method Oil immersed from cold
Surroundings Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃, humidity: 20% ~ 90% (uncondensed)
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