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Shenzhen regulator manufacturers tell the problem that is easy to occur in the regulator repair

Shenzhen regulator manufacturers tell the problems that are easy to occur in the regulator repair:
First, Shenzhen regulator manufacturers tell the problem: the regulator film is damaged
main reason:
1. The bolts are tightly biased.
2. When the upstream valve is opened too sharply, the impact is large (when the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane exceeds 2MPa, it is immediately damaged, and the daily intake pressure is about 4MPa).
3, the film is aging.
1. When the bolts are tightened, the tightening force should not be too large. When the one of the diagonals is tightened, the edge of the film is tightly broken.
2. The operating personnel strictly follow the relevant requirements. When opening the inlet valve of the pressure regulating 撬 pipeline, the front and rear balancing valves should be opened first, so that the downstream over-air pressure rises and then the door is opened.
3. Change the film.
Second, Shenzhen regulator manufacturers tell the problem of failure: valve body concave and convex sealing surface damage
Main reason: collision during disassembly
Countermeasure: It can be solved by re-welding and re-machining method. First, use the grinding wheel to remove the high point of the repair welding, and then grind it with a grindstone; or use a high-precision lathe to process the flat, but pay attention to ensure the height of the sealing surface and the original height. Equal, and rust-proof treatment of the surface of the outer joint surface.
Third, Shenzhen regulator manufacturers tell the problem: the upper and lower pressure plate can not compress the film
The main reason: the upper and lower platen bolts are tightened too much, which will cause the compression surface of the skin mold plate to deform and enlarge the gap between the platens (Remark: tightening torque of the upper and lower platens: 19.6n.m).
Countermeasure: replace the deformed pressure plate; or re-machine the upper and lower pressure plate bolt fastening joint surface, adjust the upper and lower pressure plate to reserve the film fastening clearance 2mm-1.5mm=0.5mm (Note: the pressure regulator film upper and lower pressure plate gap is reserved for the film The required tightening clearance is actually about 0.5 mm. Therefore, the tightening force should be moderate when tightening the upper and lower plates, not the stronger the better.
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