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Maintenance and maintenance of UV transformers

Maintenance and maintenance of UV transformers:
A UV transformer is a device that uses electromagnetic mutual induction to transform voltage, current, and impedance. The basic form of the transformer consists of two sets of coils wound with wires and they are inductively coupled together. With the continuous development of the transformer industry, more and more enterprises have entered the transformer industry, and many companies stand out. So, how to carry out maintenance and maintenance of the transformer?
1. Put in the spare UV transformer, disconnect the low-voltage side circuit breaker of the transformer, remove the operation insurance of the holding power supply, and hang the “stop closing” sign at the switch handle.
2. Disconnect and repair the circuit breaker on the high voltage side of the transformer, close the grounding switch, and after fully discharging the transformer, lock the high voltage cabinet and hang the “stop closing” sign at the switch handle.
3, dry type transformer maintenance, first clean the porcelain casing and outer casing, and then review the shell, gasket, porcelain casing with or without cracks, discharge marks or rubber pads with or without aging, cable and busbars with or without deformation, cracked It should be exchanged.
4. Check whether the contact surface of the busbar is kept clean. The contact surface should be removed from the oxide layer and coated with electric compound grease. Review whether the grounding of the transformer is good, whether the ground wire is corroded, and the corrosion should be replaced.
5. Tighten the lead terminals, pins, grounding screws, and connecting busbar screws. If loose, remove the screws, or use a thin flat to gently touch the contact surface, or replace the spring washers and screws until the contact is good.
6. Disconnect the grounding switch on the high voltage side, lock the high voltage switch, and measure the insulation resistance with a 2500V shaker. And compared with the measured value of the transformer before leaving the factory, the insulation resistance should not be lower than 70% of the original data at the factory. If it fails, it should be reported to the disposal in time.
7. Disconnect the high-voltage side grounding switch and review the control line of the transformer and the low-voltage side again. After the error is correct, close the high-voltage side circuit breaker of the transformer and let the transformer test run to remove the high-voltage side marking plate.
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