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Principle of UV transformer

The principle of UV transformer:
Magnetic flux leakage transformers for high-power UV lamps In the electronics industry, printed circuit boards are produced using photo-curing inks. UV-ray curing machines are commonly used to illuminate objects through UV light to promote photoresist or photosensitive paint. Fast curing, and the UV lamp produces a high amount of heat to dry the ink. The surface of the film after curing should be smooth and have a high hardness. The light source of the UV curing machine is usually equipped with three 5kW high-power high-pressure ultraviolet lamps, and the light curing speed is about 3 meters per minute. The printed circuit board coated with the photoresist is cured on the conveyor belt of the UV curing machine by three ultraviolet lamps, thereby achieving the purpose of processing.
The UV-UV lamp is a gas discharge lamp. The quartz lamp tube is filled with high-pressure mercury vapor. The power supply method is mainly based on a leakage magnetic transformer. When the UV lamp is ignited, the current passing through the lamp tube is limited. The high-power UV lamp The tube has 5kW, 7.5kW and 10kW, and the voltage across the tube is about 1kV. The leakage transformer for UV lamps is available in both isolated and auto-coupled versions.
Isolated leakage transformer
The structure of the 5kW isolated leakage transformer is similar to the neon transformer. The middle two windings are the primary winding. In order to adapt to the 220V or 380V power supply, the primary windings are the same windings of two 0V-190V-220V, and they can be connected in series or in parallel. 220V, 380V or 440V power supply voltage, secondary voltage is 1100V/5A, divided into two windings, placed on both sides of the primary winding, there are 4 magnetic shunts between the primary and secondary windings, will be the first and second The windings of the stage are separated, and when the transformer is energized, it can function as a current limiting.
A capacitor in series with the secondary winding output circuit is connected to the UV lamp, which is an RLC resonant circuit. When the power supply voltage changes, the secondary circuit also has a voltage regulation function. Due to the presence of the capacitor C, the power factor of the circuit is also improved.
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