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Regulator manufacturers: maintain the regulator, you can start from the following points

Regulator manufacturers: maintain the regulator, you can start from the following points
The three-phase voltage regulator of the regulator manufacturer, the parameter regulator is based on the magnetic saturation regulation. It has strict requirements on the nature of the load equipment. The load is mainly used when the load of one nature is mixed. Resistive loads such as electric heating wire, rice cooker and other loads can be as long as 0.2 times. Capacitive and inductive loads such as motors, large capacitors, transformers, pumps, etc., must have a load of at least 3-5 times depending on the actual situation on site. For a fixed load, such as a motor and a heating wire, the load should be 3-7 times the balance of the regulator. Do not select the regulator for the hybrid load.
So how can we better maintain the regulator of the regulator manufacturer? Maintenance of it can be started from the following points:
1. The newly installed regulated power supply should be tested and used before use. To ensure that everything is normal, it can be put into use.
2. Pay attention to the output voltage not to exceed the rated value during work, otherwise it will easily lead to the burning of the regulator, which will affect the electrical equipment.
3. The regulated power supply is grounded to ensure safety.
4. The power supply voltage should meet the high and low load of the regulated power supply.
AC voltage regulator _ voltage regulator used in inductive load, because the inductive load has a large instantaneous starting current, generally about 3-5 times the rated current often exceeds 9 times the operating current (such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines) , electric fans, large air conditioners, printing presses, air compressors, elevators, pumps, etc. are all inductive loads), so any regulator that uses inductive loads such as electric motors and compressors must consider its power reserve. For the margin, it is necessary to reserve enough margin to avoid the instantaneous damage caused by the inrush current generated when the load is turned on.
If the whole plant uses a voltage regulator, when starting the machine, it should avoid the high-power inductive load starting at the same time. Therefore, when purchasing the voltage regulator, there should be 1.5 times the reserved capacity. 3 times.
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