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What are the functions of the voltage regulator manufacturer?

What are the functions of the voltage regulator manufacturer's regulator:
1. It can stabilize the voltage of low voltage 125V-165V or high voltage 250V-270V between 200-230V, so that the household appliances can work normally;
2. When the input voltage is higher than 255V or lower than 160V and the output voltage is higher than 235V, the power can be automatically cut off;
3. When a sudden call occurs after power failure, the output power can be started by delaying for 5-8 minutes to avoid damage to the appliance due to excessive voltage.
Pay attention to the completeness of the above three basic functions when purchasing the regulator of the regulator manufacturer.
Power regulators generally only operate in a regulated range, and beyond this range they are also malfunctioning or even damaged.
We need to know about our electrical appliances and the voltage in our area when we purchase the Shenzhen voltage regulator. For example, the input voltage of the appliance we use, at the peak, what is the high voltage or what is the low voltage, this is a required condition. Because the regulator's regulator has a voltage regulation range, if the regulator's range is insufficient, the regulator will be open circuited when the voltage exceeds the factory default of the regulator. Of course, if the range of the regulator is too wide, the price of the regulator will be high, so it will cause a waste of money for the user.
Shenzhen Haike Transformer Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating scientific research, design, manufacture and sales of dry-type transformers, reactors, voltage regulators and special transformers. It has complete production and processing equipment and perfect testing and testing methods.
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