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Simple method for selecting capacity of UV transformer

An easy way to select the capacity of the UV transformer:
When we choose UV transformers in peacetime, if the capacity of the UV transformer is too large, it will form a "large horse-drawn car" phenomenon. This not only increases equipment investment, but also causes the transformer to be in a no-load state for a long time, which increases the reactive power loss. If the transformer capacity selection is too small, the UV transformer will be overloaded for a long time and will easily burn the transformer. Therefore, the correct choice of transformer capacity is one of the important measures for grid loss reduction and energy saving. In practical applications, we can select the transformer capacity according to the following simple method.
The transformer capacity is based on the principle of “small capacity, dense point”. The distribution transformer should be located in the load center as much as possible, and the power supply radius should not exceed 0.5 km. The load factor of the distribution transformer is very high between 0.5 and 0.6. At this time, the capacity of the transformer is called economic capacity. If the load is relatively stable, the continuous production situation can select the transformer capacity according to the economic capacity.
For a dedicated transformer that supplies power only to power loads such as irrigation and drainage, the transformer capacity can generally be selected by 1.2 times the nameplate power of the asynchronous motor. Generally, the starting current of the motor is 4~7 times of the rated current. The transformer should be able to withstand such an impact. The capacity of a larger one of the directly driven motors should not exceed 30% of the transformer capacity. It should be pointed out that the special transformer for irrigation and drainage should not be connected to other loads in order to stop the operation in time during the non-drainage period, and the transformer capacity reduces the power loss.
For the selection of the capacity of integrated power transformers for power supply lighting, agricultural and sideline products processing, the power of the electrical equipment should be considered, and the transformer capacity can be selected according to the actual load of 1.25 times.
According to the characteristics of rural power grid users, small load density, seasonal load and strong gap, the capacity transformer can be used. The variable capacity transformer is a transformer that can adjust the capacity without load according to the load. It is suitable for use in locations where the load seasonality changes significantly.
Transformer capacity For industrial and mining enterprises with large substation or electric load, generally adopt the mother-child transformer power supply mode, one (mother transformer) is configured according to large load, and the other (sub-transformer) is selected according to low load state. Greatly improve the utilization of distribution transformers and reduce the no-load loss of distribution transformers. Transformer capacity is aimed at some of the distribution changes in rural areas except for a small amount of peak power load in a year, and the actual situation of low-load operation for a long time. For qualified users, the transformer capacity can also be operated by the mother-child transformer or the parallel operation of the transformer. . When the load changes greatly, the transformers of different capacities are input according to the principle of low power loss.
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