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Rectifier transformer

Phase number: single / three phase
Power range: 1-2000KVA
Rated voltage: 380V
Frequency: 50~60HZ
Impedance voltage: <4
Efficiency (η): 98%
Moisture proof: open
Core shape: step type
Winding form: layer winding
Cooling form: natural air cooling
Shape structure: vertical
Frequency characteristics: low frequency
Application range: rectification
Processing method: customized

It is the original input current, and the secondary side outputs DC after rectifying the original. Airflow is a general term for three working modes of rectification, countercurrent and frequency conversion. Rectification is one of the most widely used. A transformer used as a power source for a rectifying device is called a rectifying transformer. Most of the industrial rectified DC power supplies are obtained by the AC grid through rectifier transformers and rectifier equipment.

Product Usage
Widely used in lighting, machine tools, mechanical and electronic equipment, medical equipment, rectifiers, etc. Product performance can meet the special requirements of users.
1. Electrochemical industry: This is the industry that uses the most rectifier transformers. It solves the non-ferrous metal compounds to produce aluminum, magnesium, copper and other metals; electrolyzes salt to make chlor-alkali; and electrolyzes water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.
2. DC power supply for traction: DC grid for mine or urban electric locomotives. Due to the overload of the valve side connector empty line, the line fault is more, the DC load changes greatly, and the motor car often starts, causing different degrees of short-term overload. For this reason, the temperature limit and current density of such transformers are lower, and the impedance is about 30% larger than the corresponding power transformer.
3. DC power supply for transmission: mainly used for power supply of DC motor in electric drive. Such as the armature and excitation of the rolling mill.
4. For DC transmission: The voltage of this type of rectifier transformer is generally above 110KV, and the capacity is tens of thousands of kilovolts.

Performance characteristics
1. Stable electrical performance: The product combines load characteristics and grid voltage fluctuations and atmospheric over-voltage conditions. According to the load condition of the rectifier transformer, a reasonable and reliable insulation level and insulation model are determined to ensure the electrical performance of the product is reliable and stable. Product environmental safety factor ≥ 1.67.
2. High degree of dynamic stability: The product winding has high mechanical strength and strong anti-burst ability to meet the extremely harsh load environment. In the design and manufacturing process, the source of dynamic instability caused by leakage flux of the transformer or abnormal transportation may be eliminated. The product has high dynamic stability. High resistance, 30% higher impedance than power transformers of the same capacity to suppress di/dt and effectively protect the rectifier components.
3, good thermal stability: advanced product design, strict control of the product's heating parts and the hottest temperature rise, and leave a sufficient temperature rise margin.
4. Strong overload capability: The product has strong overload capacity and over-voltage capability. It can operate safely for a long time under rated load conditions. It can operate at full load for a long time under 110% over-voltage condition (ambient temperature 40°C).
5, superior performance indicators: no-load current design, manufacturing value is lower than the national standard value of the same capacity S9 series transformers, full user economic and reliability.

Technical Parameters
Rated Capacity
Load loss
Load loss
No-load current
Short circuit impedance
Overall size length * width * height
HK-30 350 930 1.4 4-5 300 420*160*640
HK-50 430 1260 1.3 4-5 370 440*180*670
HK-63 510 1500 1.3 4-5 440 480*210*730
HK-80 550 1830 1.2 4-5 520 520*240*790
HK-100 610 2120 1.0 4-5 610 570*280*860
HK-125 720 2470 1.0 4-5 720 630*320*930
HK-160 840 2880 0.9 4-5 870 690*360*1000
HK-200 980 3390 0.9 4-5 1020 750*400*1080
HK-250 1140 4000 0.8 4-5 1200 810*440*1160
HK-315 1320 4720 0.8 4-5 1430 880*480*1240
HK-400 1560 5690 0.8 4-5 1700 950*530*1330
HK-500 1800 6900 0.6 4-5 2010 1020*580*1420
HK-630 2100 8170 0.6 6-8 2385 1100*630*1520
HK-800 2440 12000 0.6 6-8 2850 1190*680*1650
HK-1000 2850 13500 0.6 6-8 3365 1280*730*1750
HK-1250 3420 15600 0.5 6-8 3975 1370*790*1990
HK-1600 3760 19500 0.5 6-8 4780 1480*860*1990
HK-1800 3885 19100 0.5 6-8 5200 1590*930*2120
HK-2000 4360 21000 0.5 6-8 5600 1730*1000*2300
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