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UV stepless dimming power supply

Product description
UV lamp stepless dimming power supply, used for UV technology transformation of various large printing equipment, is a high-performance UV power supply equipment that can completely replace foreign similar products. The UV Promise Power Supply is the first UV power source available in China for both UV and metal lamps. The equipment consists of: cabinet machine, transformer, stepless adjustable module and so on. After installing the device, the user can connect the UV lamp to form a complete UV light source system. It is suitable for UV curing technology modification and installation of automatic screen printing equipment, offset printing equipment and spraying equipment.

Core technologies
1. High-power special light source system dynamic control technology, suitable for high-pressure mercury lamps, metal halide lamps (commonly known as iron lamps), is a domestic leader, filling the domestic gap.
2. The production and application technology of dimming isolated high leakage magnetic transformer is leading domestically.
3. High-power dimming type light regulator production application Domestic blank main business application to undertake automatic color printing machine UV technology transformation: Through the frequency conversion docking technology, the UV lamp power can be ideally synchronized with the speed of the printing machine. The method completely avoids the fact that the ultraviolet light energy cannot be changed when the speed of the printing press is adjusted, and the energy is too high or too low, resulting in poor printing effect, serious damage to the printed matter and preparation. It solves the problem of automatic curing that cannot be realized by the traditional transformer string capacitance method.

Performance and characteristics
The UV lamp power supply is used for UV technology transformation of various large-scale printing equipment, and is a high-performance UV power supply device that can completely replace foreign similar products. Power: 3KW-35KW, output voltage: 500V-3500V.
Advantages: 1. Infinitely adjustable power 40%-100% can supply power for high-pressure mercury lamps or metal halide lamps. Without series capacitors, it can directly supply lamps. 4 This transformer is all made of copper core. System performance 1. The lamp power is 40-100% steplessly adjustable, which can meet various curing process requirements.
2. UV dimming dynamic response speed, full adjustment can achieve any stable output within 10S, without any system oscillation.
3. Completely replace the traditional R-L-C light source starting circuit, completely avoiding the shortcomings of long system stability and low safety performance, and completely change the control method of adjusting the light intensity by the size of the capacitor. (And the compressive strength of the capacitor is far from enough).
4. The lamp power output control of the system has two advantages. First, when the machine is suspended for a long time, the lamp can be switched to the power-saving standby mode. Second: according to the printing speed, the lamp power can be 40% to 100%. Adjustable between any.
5, cooling method: circulating air cooling.
6, environmental conditions: temperature 0-55℃ relative temperature 5-90%.

Technical Parameters
Characteristics Advantage
1. High frequency square wave technology (18KHZ square wave output) Ø 20-30% more UV energy output than conventional power supplies
Ø Ability to work in flash mode, reducing energy consumption
2. Soft switch start system Ø Extend lamp life
Ø Significantly reduce startup time (about 45 seconds)
3. Microcontroller Ø The power conversion frequency is the highest
Ø Automatically find the best working voltage and current of the lamp
Ø Real-time monitoring, automatic adjustment of lamp operating parameters
4. High speed IGBT and soft switching technology Ø Fast response
Ø From standby to full power output time: 8ms
5. Power amplitude modulation technology Ø Output power is infinitely adjustable
Ø Long-term standby state minimum power only needs 10%
6. Phase balance technology Ø Power factor 96%
Ø no inrush current ØCOS∮=1
7. Self-test and circuit protection technology Ø Self-test function
Ø Various circuit protection measures
8. Excellent institutional design techniques Ø The weight is 1/5 of the traditional power supply
Ø The volume is 1/8 of the traditional power supply
Ø Easy to install

Applicable lamp power Output voltage range Maximum output current Recommended tube pressure
HK-3KW 500V~850V 7A 600V
HK-4KW 500V~850V 8A 700V
HK-5KW 800V~1000V 7A 850V
HK-6KW 800V~1000V 9A 900V
HK-8KW 1100V~1200V 10A 1150V
HK-10KW 1350V~1450V 9A 1400V
HK-12KW 1200V~1700V 10A 1600V
HK-15KW 1300V~1700V 12A 1600V
HK-17KW 1700V~2100V 10A 2000V
HK-20KW 1900V~2100V 10A 2000V
HK-22KW 2100V~2500V 10A 2450V
HK-25KW 2400V~2500V 12A 2450V
HK-30KW 2800V~3200V 10A 3000V
HK-35KW 3200V~3500V 10A 3300V
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