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Oil regulator

Product Name: Oil Regulator
Phase number: 3 phase
Power: 50-2000KVA
Input voltage: 330V-450V
Output voltage: 380V
Reaction time: ≤0.5s
Voltage regulation accuracy: ±1%-±5% (adjustable)
Use place: whole plant voltage regulator equipment, SMT equipment, CNC equipment, color printing equipment, precision instruments, medical facilities, high-speed rail tunnels, industrial and mining plants.

Product description
The control system of KWR series regulators is a microcomputer-controlled high-tech product developed by the company on the basis of many years of production and sales of power voltage regulators and transformer equipment. It has been customized by scientific research personnel. It consists of customized components. CMOS integrated electrical components, imported electronic components. The main body induced voltage regulator IVR has no carbon brush and wear components, and has the advantages of strong voltage regulation function, high voltage regulation precision, strong anti-interference and low power consumption. With undervoltage, overpressure, phase loss and fault alarm function, the performance is safe and reliable, and the operation is convenient.

Specifications HK-50KVA HK-100KVA HK-150KVA HK-200KVA HK-250KVA HK-300KVA HK-350KVA HK-400KVA
HK-500KVA HK-600KVA HK-700KVA HK-800KVA HK-1000KVA HK-1250KVA HK-1600KVA HK-2000KVA
Input voltage 380V±15%,±20%
The output voltage 380±(1-5)%
Voltage regulation accuracy ±1%-±5%(Adjustable)
Reaction time ≤0.5s
Use environment First, the relative humidity of the air ≤ 95%
Second, there is no chemical, corrosion and explosive gas in the room;
Third, no severe vibration and impact;
Fourth, indoor use.
Note: The above products are our regular products. For special customization, please contact our customer service!
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