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Three-phase voltage regulator

Product description
TSGC2, TSGC2J series contact regulator products are the 14th batch of energy-saving products for the electromechanical industry. This product has the characteristics of no distortion, small size, light weight, high efficiency, convenient use and reliable operation. Can be widely used in industry (such as chemical, metallurgy, instrumentation, electromechanical manufacturing, light industry, etc.), scientific experiments, public equipment, household appliances, to achieve voltage regulation, temperature control, speed regulation, dimming and power control purposes The contact auto-coupling regulator developed and researched by our company adopts advanced science and technology and meets national and industry standards.

Structural features
The contact type regulator adopts imported silicon steel sheet and is an energy-saving new product made by advanced processing technology. According to the required voltage, the single-phase contact regulator can be freely adjusted from 0~250V or 0~300V (special). The three-phase contact regulator can be freely adjusted from 0~430V or 0~520V (special). The regulator has the characteristics of high efficiency, small magnetic leakage, low loss, low temperature rise, low noise, low vibration, strong instantaneous overload capability, convenient use, reliability, and long-term operation.
The coil is the main component of the voltage regulator, it has the following properties:
1. It adopts high magnetic permeability oriented straight steel sheet, so the loss is small.
2. The machine uses automatic winding, the circle is evenly spaced, and each line is straight and parallel, so the contact surface is flat.
3. Using a heat-resistant resin material to dip and solidify, making the regulator more resistant to heat.
4. Use mechanical grinding to make the contact surface smooth as a mirror.
5. The traditional multi-carbon brush design is adopted to increase the contact surface of the brush, reduce the current that each carbon brush receives, and reduce the temperature rise. 6. Use high-performance brushes to increase conductivity and eliminate fireworks.
7. Use copper surface soldering to reduce contact resistance and reduce temperature rise.
8. The use of heat-resistant elastic metal material, the mechanical pressure is stable for a long time, reducing the temperature rise of contact.

Technical Parameters
Input voltage Three phase(Three-phase four-wire)380V
The output voltage Three phase 0-430V
Working frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Effectiveness >90%
Waveform distortion No additional distortion
Temperature rise <60°C
Dielectric strength 2000V/min
Insulation resistance Three phase >2MΩ

Product main specifications
Phase Model Specification (KVA) Physical dimension L*W*H(mm) Weight(kg)
Three phase HK-TSGC₂J 3 170*210*520 21
6 210*250*520 31
9 240*270*520 42
12 350*400*590 73
15 350*400*590 79
20 350*400*590 81
30 350*430*1100 65
40 350*430*1100 70
45 350*430*1100 75
50 350*430*1100 80
Three phase HK-TDGC₂ 0.6 150*120*330 17
1.5 170*130*340 20
32 70*170*420 20
62 60*210*460 28
92 80*210*480 35
15 320*240*570 48
30 330*340*1500 105
50 350*380*1700 135
60 380*440*1800 155
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