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Halogen transformer

Product Name: Halogen Light Transformer
Material: Copper
Line package: 2-4
Power: 3KW-28KW
Input voltage: 380V
Output voltage: 950V
Adaptation capacitor: 10+3+2uF
Insulation class: Class F, Class H

Product description
UV special leakage magnetic transformer, made according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, is transformed according to the input winding induction output winding, dedicated to UV glazing, UV curing, PS printing and so on. The transformers are available in vertical, horizontal and imported styles. The power is from 3KW to 25KW. The UV transformer is a UV light source used with UV lamps and UV capacitors. It is available in a wide range of specifications and models. The use of imported silicon steel sheet, scientific design and advanced technology production has the characteristics of stable performance, high efficiency, low consumption, easy to use, fast UV curing, etc. It is an ideal power source for the curing industry. Widely used in iron can printing, paper glazing, printing flexible packaging, color printing silk screen, electronics, plastics, furniture, wood flooring decorative materials and other industries.

Technical Parameters
Specification model The output voltage Input Current Capacitor specification With tube tube pressure
HK380V3KW transformer(AL) 1050V 5A 15uF/2000V 700V
HK380V3KW transformer(CU) 1050V 5A 15uF/2000V 700V
HK380V5.6KW transformer(AL) 1200V 6.5A 15uF/2000V 900V
HK380V5.6KW transformer(CU) 1200V 6.5A 15uF/2000V 900V
HK380V8KW transformer(AL) 1450V 6.8A 15uF/2500V 1200V
HK380V8KW transformer(CU) 1450V 6.8A 15uF/2500V 1200V
HK380V9.6KW transformer(AL) 1850V 6.5A 10uF/3000V 1550V
HK380V9.6KW transformer(CU) 1850V 6.5A 10uF/3000V 1550V
HK380V11KW transformer(CU) 1850V 8A 10uF/3000V 1550V
HK380V11KW transformer(CU) 1850V 8A 10uF/3000V 1550V
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