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OSG autotransformer

Model: OSG-2000
Phase number: three phase
Power range: 6KVA-2000KVA
Rated voltage: 380V
Frequency: 50~60HZ
Cooling form: natural air cooling
Moisture proof: open
Core shape: step type
Winding form: layer winding
Processing method: customized

Product description
The coupling of the coupling is the meaning of electromagnetic coupling. The ordinary transformer transmits energy through the electromagnetic coupling of the primary and secondary coils. The primary and secondary sides have no direct electrical connection. The primary and secondary sides of the autotransformer have direct electrical connection, and its low voltage coil. It is part of the high voltage coil. An autotransformer is one in which the windings are primary and secondary on the same winding. According to the structure, it can be subdivided into adjustable pressure type and fixed type.

(1) Since the calculation capacity of the autotransformer is less than the rated capacity. Therefore, under the same rated capacity, the main dimensions of the autotransformer are small, and the effective materials (silicon steel sheets and wires) and structural materials (steel) are correspondingly reduced, thereby reducing the cost. The reduction of effective materials reduces the copper consumption and iron consumption, so the efficiency of the autotransformer is high. At the same time, due to the reduction in the main dimensions and the reduction in mass, it is possible to manufacture a single transformer with a larger capacity under the permissible transportation conditions.
(2) Since the short-circuit impedance of the autotransformer is smaller than the double-winding transformer, the voltage change rate is small, but the short-circuit current is large.
(3) Due to the direct connection between the primary and secondary of the autotransformer, when the high voltage side overvoltage causes a severe overvoltage on the low voltage side. In order to avoid this danger, lightning arresters must be installed one or two times.
(4) In a general transformer. The on-load voltage regulator is often connected to the neutral point of the ground so that the voltage level of the voltage regulator can be lower than when the line is regulated. The neutral point regulating side of the autotransformer brings about the so-called related voltage regulation problem. Therefore, when the autotransformer is required to have load regulation, only the line end voltage regulation mode can be adopted.

Working principle
1. The autotransformer is a special transformer that shares and sets a set of coils. The boost and buck are implemented with different taps. The tap voltage is lower than the shared coil. The tap voltage is higher than the shared coil. high.
2. In fact, the principle is the same as that of a normal transformer, except that his original coil is its secondary coil. The general transformer is an original coil on the left side that is electromagnetically induced, so that the right side of the secondary coil generates a voltage, and the autotransformer itself affects itself.
3. The autotransformer is a transformer with only one winding. When used as a step-down transformer, a part of the coil is extracted from the winding as a secondary winding; when used as a step-up transformer, the applied voltage is only applied to a part of the winding. on. Usually, the part of the winding that belongs to both the primary and secondary is called the common winding, and the rest of the autotransformer is called the series winding. The autotransformer of the same capacity is not only small in size but also high in efficiency and transformer. The larger the capacity, the higher the voltage. This advantage is more prominent. Therefore, with the development of power systems, the increase of voltage levels and the increase of transmission capacity, autotransformers have been widely used due to their large capacity, low loss and low cost.

Product advantages

1. Less consumption of materials and low cost. Because the amount of silicon steel sheet and copper wire used in the transformer is related to the rated inductive potential and rated current of the winding, that is, related to the capacity of the winding, the capacity of the autotransformer winding is reduced, the consumed material is also reduced, and the cost is also low.
2, loss and low efficiency. Due to the reduced amount of copper wire and silicon steel sheet, the copper loss and iron loss of the autotransformer are reduced compared to the two-winding transformer at the same current density and magnetic flux density, so the benefit is high.
3. Easy to transport and install. Because it is lighter in weight than the double-winding transformer of the same capacity, it has a small size and a small footprint.
4. Improve the ultimate manufacturing capacity of the transformer. The ultimate manufacturing capacity of a transformer is generally limited by the transportation conditions. Under the same transportation conditions, the autotransformer capacity can be made larger than the double winding transformer under the same transportation conditions.

Technical Parameters
Model Capacity
Phase Frequency Input voltage
Rated current
(length * width * height mm)
HKOGS-6 6 3 50 380 15/17 360*320*420 32
HKOGS-10 10 3 50 380 26/29 460*340*440 68
HKOGS-20 20 3 50 380 52/58 460*340*440 92
HKOGS-30 30 3 50 380 78/87 580*480*600 128
HKOGS-40 40 3 50 380 105/116 580*480*600 160
HKOGS-50 50 3 50 380 131/144 580*480*600 190
HKOGS-60 60 3 50 380 157/173 660*520*680 238
HKOGS-100 100 3 50 380 262/288 700*520*780 350
HKOGS-150 150 3 50 380 393/433 760*560*880 560
HKOGS-200 200 3 50 380 524/578 760*560*880 680
HKOGS-250 250 3 50 380 656/722 980*760*1200 760
HKOGS-300 300 3 50 380 787/866 1060*800*1200 860
HKOGS-400 400 3 50 380 1049/1155 1180*800*1280 1050
HKOGS-500 500 3 50 380 1312/1443 1180*800*1280 1370
HKOGS-1000 1000 3 50 380 2624/2886 1530*800*1600 3536
HKOGS-1600 1600 3 50 380 4199/4618 1530*1000*1600 5300
HKOGS-2000 2000 3 50 380 5248/5773 1650*1000*1800 6200
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