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K coefficient isolation transformer

Applications: For various mechanical equipment, pressure, flow, and isolation.
Power range: 0.5KVA-2500KVA
Working voltage: 1KV or less

Short circuit impedance: designed according to customer requirements
Product efficiency: ≥97%
Working frequency: 50/60Hz
Electric strength: 3.5KV, 60s without breakdown
Insulation resistance: 100MΩ Min/DC500V
Insulation class: Class F, Class H
Noise: <65dB (one meter at level)
Reference standard: GB19212-2006, GB10228-2008

Product description
The isolation transformer is divided into single-phase (DG) and three-phase (SG) series. The main function is to isolate the electrical equipment from the power grid for safety or anti-interference (multiple D/Y, D/Yn connection). In the occasion, there is no direct electrical connection between the electrical equipment and the power supply. It is widely used in the transmission and distribution of subways, high-rise buildings, airports, stations, terminals, industrial and mining enterprises and tunnels, and the use of imported and exported equipment.

Product nature
The isolation transformer is a safe power source, which is generally used for protection, lightning protection and filtering of machine maintenance. Usually, we use an AC power supply voltage connected to the ground and a 220V potential difference between the other line and the ground. Human contact can cause electric shock. The secondary of the isolation transformer is not connected to the earth, and there is no potential difference between any two lines and the earth. There is no electric shock when people touch any line. Secondly, the output of the isolation transformer is completely "opened" from the input, which effectively acts as a good filter for the input of the transformer, thus providing a pure power supply voltage to the consumer!

Product function
The main function of the isolating transformer is to completely insulate the primary side from the secondary side and also isolate the circuit. In addition, the high-frequency loss of the iron core is utilized, so that high-frequency clutter is transmitted to the control loop. The isolation transformer is used to suspend the secondary grounding, and it can only be used in the occasions where the power supply range is small and the line is short. At this point, the system's capacitance to ground capacitance is not small enough to cause personal injury. Another important role is to protect personal safety! Isolate dangerous voltages.

1. Low loss and high efficiency: The inner core of the transformer is made of imported high quality new silicon steel sheet and high temperature resistant glass wire covered wire.
2, long service life: internal insulation type H-class insulation, insulation heat resistance coefficient is extremely high.
3. The transformer is scientific and reasonable in design, low in voltage variation rate, and can be used at full load for a long time.
4, beautiful appearance, with sliding casters, easy to move and install; at the same time equipped with high-quality large-flow axial flow fan, and equipped with reasonable ventilation, easy to heat; light model body box, small size, light weight, easy to place.
5. The panel voltmeter is accurate and easy to read.
6, a variety of specifications, capacity, voltage for users to choose according to the actual.

Technical Parameters
Product number Capacity Dimensions Installation size Weight
HKSG-0.5-Vi/Vo 0.5 180*1450*180 120*80(Φ6) 10
HKSG-1-Vi/Vo 1 240*1600*230 160*90(Φ6) 19
HKSG-2-Vi/Vo 2 240*1800*230 160*100(Φ6) 32
HKSG-3-Vi/Vo 3 300*190*280 200*105(Φ8) 42
HKSG-4-Vi/Vo 4 300*200*280 200*115(Φ8) 49
HKSG-5-Vi/Vo 5 300*205*280 200*120(Φ8) 57
HKSG-7-Vi/Vo 7 330*215*280 220*135(Φ8) 72
HKSG-9-Vi/Vo 9 360*320*440 240*270(Φ10) 90
HKSG-10-Vi/Vo 10 360*320*440 240*270(Φ10) 99
HKSG-15-Vi/Vo 15 490*350*600 330*300(Φ10) 106
HKSG-20-Vi/Vo 20 550*350*610 350*300(Φ12) 132
HKSG-30-Vi/Vo 30 600*400*650 400*350(Φ12) 169
HKSG-40-Vi/Vo 40 630*400*720 420*350(Φ12) 207
HKSG-50-Vi/Vo 50 670*450*720 450*400(Φ12) 240
HKSG-60-Vi/Vo 60 760*450*720 510*400(Φ12) 289
HKSG-70-Vi/Vo 70 820*500*720 550*450(Φ12) 337
HKSG-80-Vi/Vo 80 820*500*720 550*450(Φ14) 393
HKSG-100-Vi/Vo 100 820*500*870 550*450(Φ14) 508
HKSG-125-Vi/Vo 125 890*550*935 590*500(Φ14) 642
HKSG-160-Vi/Vo 160 900*550*1000 600*500(Φ14) 807
HKSG-200-Vi/Vo 200 180*1450*180 640*500(Φ16) 992
HKSG-250-Vi/Vo 250 1150*600*1050 730*500(Φ16) 1169
HKSG-315-Vi/Vo 310 1150*650*1160 730*600(Φ16) 1342
HKSG-350-Vi/Vo 350 1150*650*1230 730*600(Φ16) 1489
HKSG-400-Vi/Vo 400 1200*700*1280 760*650(Φ18) 1643
HKSG-500-Vi/Vo 500 1270*700*1400 810*650(Φ18) 2025
HKSG-630-Vi/Vo 630 1360*750*1450 870*700(Φ18) 2425
HKSG-800-Vi/Vo 800 1490*750*1520 990*700(Φ18) 3006
HKSG-1000-Vi/Vo 1000 1530*800*1600 1020*750(Φ20) 3563
HKSG-1250-Vi/Vo 1250 1530*900*1600 1020*850(Φ20) 4196
HKSG-1600-Vi/Vo 1600 1530*1000*1600 1020*900(Φ20) 5315
HKSG-2000-Vi/Vo 2000 1650*1000*1800 1100*900(Φ22) 6220
HKSG-2500-Vi/Vo 2500 1650*1000*1800 1100*900(Φ22) 7150
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